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Comparing Methods For Loral Langemeier Linkedin Profile

August 31, 2013

Loral Langemeier is the founder of Live Out Loud that is another personal development and coaching/mentoring company. Plenty of you will likely recognize her because the Money Makeover Expert on the Dr. Phil Show. Never the less, Loral Langemeier is a very acclaimed success coach and financial genius and even claims to have helped over 600 people to become millionaires.

Some of Langemeier’s advice is almost scary. She promotes the use of home equity — a huge selection of tens and thousands of dollars at the same time — as a source of money for business ventures. She sometimes recommends cashing out retirement savings to do the same. She’d argue that it’s easier to earn money by starting a company based on your own knowledge and passions, than it is to leave the amount of money to the whim of the stock market.

I believe they are noble sentiments, but I’d wish to be damn sure I knew what I was doing before I pulled six figures out of my house to risk on a start-up. I’m all for entrepreneurship, but this seems risky. And what are these 40% returns she mentions?

you can visit Loral Langemeier LinkedIn Profile .


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