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No-hassle Cash For Gold Los Angeles Methods – Insights

September 9, 2013

So you’ve been considering selling some of one’s old silver and gold jewelry. You realize, your Aunt Ida’s vintage silver locket, a silver pendant that has been a present from an ex-boyfriend-maybe even an gemstone you no longer have the desire (or need) to hold on to.

So just why haven’t you yet? There are various explanations why people don’t part using their old or unwanted silver and gold jewelry:

• Sentimentality: You can’t put a cost on emotional attachment

• Laziness: You only haven’t gotten around to it yet

• Uncertainty: You never learn how to sell your jewelry or where you can go

On the flip side of the coin, there are some good reasons to sell right now. For just one, silver is in great demand. A recent study by the Silver Promotion Service, showed that 70 percent of the consumers polled would rather accessorize with silver jewelry more than gold jewelry because silver is cheaper than gold.

More compelling are the present prices of gold and silver. Days gone by year has seen investors flocking to precious metals to hedge against inflation worries and economic instability. Because of this, many people are realizing that their jewelry must certanly be worth more than ever and are cashing in to greatly help pay their bills. Even a recent New York Times article published in May reported on the brand new trend of men and women selling their silver and gold jewelry at pawn shops round the county.

What might you do with the cash you make from selling your silver or gold? Pay down debt? Buy a new piece you actually want? You may well be happily surprised by what your Aunt Ida’s vintage silver locket is obviously worth these days.

Bear in mind that the present price of gold and silver is not necessarily what your gold jewelry is going to be worth. Most gold jewelry pieces aren’t 24-karat, unless it says etc the piece. Both gold and silver are mixed with alloy metals through the jewelry making process. Before your sell, it is most beneficial to inform yourself on what to expect.

The best way to find out cash for gold Los Angeles what your gold and silver jewelry may be worth is to create to a reputable jeweler and own it appraised. When trying to find a great appraiser, do your homework. Ask friends and family who they’d recommend, and make sure they are GIA-educated. Once you choose to sell your silver or gold, ensure you check to see the length of time the pawn shop has been around existence, as there are lots of fly-by-night operations which have sprung up lately seeking to take advantage of individuals who are unfamiliar with the process. It is best to take it to a pawn shop that specializes in jewelry buying.


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