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Sensible Programs In Mobile Websites New Zealand – Where To Go

September 16, 2013

Mobile website design is extremely different to designing a computer website. Mobile web design faces many challenges, not least the fact there is no uniform browser for mobile devices. Mobile website design also must take account of different screen sizes. Listed here are our top 10 methods for a good mobile web design.

1) Look at the mobile device – Mobile phones have limitations when comparing to PC’s, such as small screens and no mouse, but they likewise have capabilities such as for instance phone, camera and SMS which have to be recognised when designing your mobile site.

2) Think about the mobile user – Mobile users are impatient as a breed, they browse differently to desktop users, as a general rule, mobile users want want fast usage of bite size content.

3) Keeping it simple – Try and avoid large volumes of text, as a guide 75 words per page is a great maximum. Keep carefully the navigation of your internet site as simple as you possibly can, the fewer clicks it will take an individual to find the information they want the better. Don’t expect individuals to fill in time-consuming forms.

4) Speed is king – Large images, flash animation and video will slow your internet site down – avoid them if you’re able to, functionality is more important than style for mobile websites.

5) Allow it to be useful – Consider what is most important to your audience, especially what they need when they’re on the move.

6) Allow it to be compatible – Cellular devices are incredibly diverse. If your internet site isn’t coded correctly it may look great on one phone, awful on another and may not really work on another! Make sure that your site works on all phones.

7) Choosing your domain name – Using a .mobi domain will mobile websites new zealand improve your se rankings and make your site easier to find.

8) Market your site – Make sure potential customers will find your site. There’s no point having a site if no-one knows it’s there, invest time on SEO, paid search listings, operator portal and directory submissions.

9) Analysis – Analysis tools such as Google Analytics are invaluable, test your mobile website and keep working to enhance it.

10) Don’t overspend! – Start simply and your ROI can come more quickly.

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