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Simplifying No-hassle Window Cleaning Advice

September 17, 2013

Compartmentalizing work and outsourcing services brings about increased efficiency and economy. Home cleaning is very tedious work. It requires special equipment and tools and also personnel that are not scared of heights and have special skills. It therefore makes sense to hire professional cleaning services.

Traditional Window cleaning services are hired not just by commercial establishments; they’re also hired by estate managers looking after high-rise residential blocks. No matter how tall a building, you’ll rarely run into one with dirty glass facade or windows. Obviously, the owners of high rise commercial blocks as also residents in high rise buildings don’t do their very own cleaning – it will be virtually impossible for them to do so.

In fact, it’s the prevalence of professional cleaning services that encourage architects and civil engineers to think with regards to glass covered high rise construction. Minus window cleaning the professional window cleaning services, nearly all the glass covered high rise constructions would remain dirty and dust covered presenting an extremely bleak view of the city.

One might be forgiven for wondering why Commercial Cleaning services is such a big deal. Ever tried to wash a screen that is not at ground level? Even cleaning a window located on the first floor will be a challenge. Holding on to a ladder that could topple at any moment, balancing a small bucket of water between the feet or on some small ledge nearby and with another hand trying to wash a window is not really everyone’s notion of spending a calm weekend – there’s every risk of landing up in a hospital that way.

Professional window cleaning service providers have specialized equipment such as sturdy extra tall custom built ladders with work platforms attached, they’ve special outfitted trucks carrying filtered water and high pressure pumps and hose pipes with special nozzles, they have custom made squeegees and brushes meant to clean and shine even the dirtiest windows, they have an onsite supervisor who inspects windows and makes certain they are free from scratches, streaks, hardened cement, dried paint and other blemishes. They have long ropes to lower staff and equipment. They have motorized work platforms that can be attached with roofs and lowered all the way to the ground floor. Finally, they have trained personnel who aren’t scared of heights. It’s a tough combination to beat.


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