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Practical Java Hosting Programs – Some Insights

September 22, 2013

We would like to take the ability and thank OnlineCares to be such a phenomenal company to work with. We have contracted with their company to help with server deployments, a bit of client tasks, and security audits that has slowed our in-house teams a touch, but thanks to these guys we are continuing what we do best!

As we’ve worked with numerous webhosting companies, these guys hands down have been the absolute best. From responses, to really tasking and completing projects. Typically and our experience only, we’ve seen them respond to most of our tickets within 15 minutes to be submitted, 30 minutes maximum. As for completing tasks, they’re great at keeping us, along with that our clients up-to-date. Most tasks are solved minutes after the ticket is available in, but also for those more complex issues (including installs), typically we notice it being an hour or so or so, which inside our eyes is quite acceptable with the quantity of work-load we ask of them to accomplish for us.

Pricing, inside our eyes it is incredibly fair for what they offer. Ticket responses have been in English with proper grammar and spelling, which is a non-negotiable for us. Our suggestion, give them a decide to try once we did. So far, in two years and over 100 tasks we’ve not had one single complaint.

Their management has been extremely friendly around and every few weeks, has contacted us asking how our service has been with them, which Java Hosting we can appreciate. As for the present time folks, we will provide you with an upgrade when another 12 month period comes. Should they continue doing what they’re doing, we will definitely remain happy campers! They’re specialized in Java Jetty hosting, Java webhosting & tomcat VPS hosting.


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