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Comparing Sensible Graduation Stoles Programs

October 5, 2013

graduation cords are awarded to the graduating students. There are many sections of the award, Mu Alpha Theta is one of them. The most used color of honor cords are lavender and gold. But Alpha Theta graduation stoles may differ colors with respect to university taste. It might red, hunter green, light blue, bronze, orange, silver, maroon, white, purple, dark blue, off white, royal blue etc. The size of the cord is same as like other graduation cords. This cord is also about sixty inches long. It includes two separate cords tied together, but there is a knot at the middle of the cord. There’s a tassel at the end of the cord. Each cord without tassel is almost thirty inches long. The tassel is all about four inches long.

The rule of attachment in Mu Alpha Theta is given below:

o The student must be register formerly or currently in pre calculus or AP calculus.

o He’s to continue his GPA at the very least above 3.00 in most mathematics subjects which are taken by him in LCN.

o He’s to go to all Theta meetings which are scheduled.

o He has to go to in most “pi week” all over time span of this course.

o He has to produce connection with MAT at least two years.

o He’s to produce experience of MAT at least two years.

o He’s to arrange Math Help Days after school.


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