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October 21, 2013

During the last couple of years, candy buffets have become one of many fastest-growing and hottest trends in weddings and parties. It’s obvious why so many wedding couples and party planners are using this popular new trend.

Simple to Do!

Candy buffets aren’t just easy to set up, they’re weddings and parties also fun to create! They look nice anywhere such as for example an oblong table against a wall or on a circular table in the biggest market of the room.

There’s no cooking involved like there has been a dinner buffet. Actually, you can aquire everything already prepared, if you don’t need to incorporate homemade candies. It’s all basically “open and display”!

Easy to Design!

Match your colors:

The most effective part of the candy buffet is the color! Candy is available in so many colors and types that it’s quite simple to complement the style and color selection to that of one’s weddings and parties! You can choose an all-one-color design or mix it up with some dimension and texture by utilizing multiple colors. Hard candies come in the absolute most selection of colors and shapes. You can be the Van Gogh of confections!

Browns and chocolates are becoming more and more of a popular wedding color overall. Bridesmaids’dresses and wedding decor is being offered more commonly in browns and chocolate tones. Why don’t you incorporate real chocolate into your candy buffet if you’re planning to be part of this popular new trend in wedding color choices? You need to be sure if your wedding is outside in the warm weather that you keep your chocolates in an awesome place before serving them.

To essentially make your candy table be noticeable, select matching table cloths, signs, bunting, or decor kits. You can also purchase matching personalized printed table covers to essentially put the “wow!” in your candy buffet design. Bunting is now available in DIY (Do It Yourself) kits where you can print them off at home all on your own computer. This permits you the ability to add photos or your personal designs.

Match your theme:

It’s so simple never to only match your wedding or event colors along with your candy buffet, but in addition to match your theme. If your theme is seasonal, consider seasonal candies such as for instance pastel Easter candies in the spring, candy corn in the fall, or peppermints in the winter.

Personalized printed candy and edible favors make not really a great addition to your candy buffet, but are great take home favors for your guests. Include packs of cider or hot cocoa for the fall and winter wedding or event candy buffet. Or enjoy packs of lemonade or frozen drink mixes for the spring and summer candy buffet


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