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Exploring Convenient Win Panda Plans

December 17, 2013

We’ve all heard rumblings about the Google Penguin-Panda challenge and the very real damage these search engine algorithms have caused to 1000s of websites. Some may think that the most recent advancements in SEO policing are merely a flash-in-the-pan but, truth be told, Penguin, Panda and other se algorithms are here to remain and their power is only going to increase with advancing technology. Today, websites need performance-enhancing web tools in order to stay in the game.

There isn’t to become a black-hat website or knowingly practice questionable SEO tactics to obtain penalized by Panda and Penguin. Many reputable, long-established websites were caught in the Win Panda Penguin snare but were unaware that they’d done anything wrong. The rules had changed. Their online practices had not.

Knowing the damage that Panda and Penguin might cause to our customers, our engineers developed very sophisticated algorithms to detect and identify unnatural links. Our “Penguin Protect” technology discusses both inbound and outbound links and analyzes them on the basis of the Penguin-Panda algorithms. The tool reports the offending links to our customers for them to take action before Penguin Panda can demote or de-list the website in page ranking and search results.

This innovative, proprietary web-link analysis technology, Penguin Protect, was developed specifically to keep websites in good graces with the Penguin-Panda algorithms that have caused a lot of damage and loss to tens of thousands of businesses. Users can log within their SEO Marketing Dashboard and review a listing of “bad” or “unnatural” links. Jungle Torch also delivers a monthly are accountable to clients listing most of the offending links along with numerous other valuable SEO stats. This empowers businesses to prevent penalty by Penguin, Panda and other search engines so businesses can stay ahead of these competition and remaining at the the top of page searching engine results.


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